Reining stats and dogs.

Pre-pandemic, got most of their bookings through professionals who had to leave their dog at home while they went into the office for work.

Rover turned to CLYDE to help think of a campaign to increase brand awareness with new pet parents while maintaining trust with current users. 


top-tier media coverage including wins in CNBC, Quartz, Geekwire, Inc., and Fortune.


coverage with syndicated broadcast segment with Sinclair. 


top dog-friendly companies, including Uber, Nestle, Airbnb, Petsmart, and Amazon.


As the humanization of pets continues to increase, the rise in pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. has also increased — as have dog-friendly offices. Rover wanted to highlight the unique benefits of having dogs in the office and creating a dog-friendly company culture, so we highlighted companies who were champions of dog-friendly offices while pairing it with employee sentiment.


Rover surveyed more than 100 dog-friendly companies to see which ones had the best pet parent perks and amenities. We launched the campaign on Bring Your Dog to Work Day and leveraged Rover’s bench of experts — the Dog People Panel — and Rover’s Head of People and Culture to discuss the benefits of having a pet friendly workplace.


Through a national earned media strategy, we targeted top-tier business outlets, workplace reporters, and pet trades to speak to the findings in the survey among other pet-friendly office content, including how to make your office pet friendly; how to negotiate for your own office’s pet perks; and pet presence in the office leads to increased collaboration amongst colleagues.

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