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CLYDE, a sub-awardee of prime awardee Pyxis Partners, supports the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) All of Us Research Program by providing communications support to the national network of community engagement partners who encourage communities underrepresented in biomedical research to join the Program in its historic, longitudinal effort to gather data from one million or more diverse people living in the United States to accelerate research and improve health.


The network of community partners we support reach their constituencies through local events, social media, and other activities. To extend their reach even further, we set out to foster collaborations between our partners and other notable community leaders and organizations not already affiliated with All of Us.


One example of this strategy in action is the social media influencer program we led to drive awareness and engagement with All of Us. To familiarize underrepresented communities with the Program’s mission, we partnered with local influencers for a series of in-person event appearances, digital live conversations, and social media static posts and reels. 


We signed a roster of 13 influencers across markets like Miami, New York, Shreveport, Houston, and more. These influencers hosted or participated in 17 total live activations, 6 in-person and 11 virtual. 

In-person appearances included support for the All of Us Journey travelling enrollment bus, women’s health luncheons, and local health fairs, to name a few…

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