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where CLYDE engaged advocates to speak on CLA’s behalf in the past 15 years.


conducted to prepare advocates to confidently speak to their elected officials, give testimonies, and engage media.

CropLife America (CLA) is the leading trade association representing companies that manufacture pest management technologies. The organization plays a leading role in advancing science-based pesticide policies at the federal, state, and local levels.


Pesticides play a key role in safeguarding farmlands and cities from pest-borne diseases and are increasingly relied upon to mitigate water usage, promote sustainable and climate-smart farming practices, and deliver healthy and affordable food to consumers. 

Pesticides undergo rigorous approval processes, and laws regulating their use, like the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and numerous state laws, are regularly updated. Nevertheless, misinformation about pesticides can overwhelm science-based voices and arguments, hindering access to this technology. 


It’s important that voices from the agriculture and land management industries have a seat at the table when laws are crafted across all levels of government. With few natural allies and a skeptical public, CLYDE designed federal and state-based public affairs campaigns to protect access to pesticides by helping ensure policies are crafted with input by those who understand the development and use of these technologies best. 


CLYDE launched and managed coalitions in key states where opposition to pesticide use is extensive.

CLYDE provided guidance and tactical support for both state and federal policy issues, training hundreds of advocates to speak on behalf of pesticide issues and successfully executing multi-pronged media, digital, and grassroots campaigns. 

Trained advocates have testified at legislative hearings, lent their voice to media interviews and other earned media opportunities, and helped shape policies that protect their ability to operate and keep America’s food and communities safe from harmful pests. 

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