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there’s CLYDE.

Our country is at an inflection point. We are in the midst of a collision between those looking to defend our democracy, its processes, and its institutions and forces that seek to undermine it.

About Us

Most communications firms can run issue campaigns, but CLYDE is the only place with a dedicated Democracy practice designed to effectively support the fight to protect Democracy itself.

Our people have been on the frontlines for years, in and out of state and federal governments, campaigns, and organizations. Our expertise and cross-partisan team allows us to serve clients across the political spectrum who are looking to reach voters and make a difference. 

We craft strategy, messaging, and solutions that break through with all types of audiences. We integrate with client teams, offer unique perspectives and approaches, and capitalize on opportunities others miss. We have a proven track record of bringing people together – top tier media, elected officials, business leaders, advocates and others – to deliver results with national impact. 

Let us craft your communications plan for litigation or legislation, get in the weeds on your advocacy initiatives and think pieces, roll out your new 2024 campaigns and help launch your new tools and resources. 

Let us take this fight to the next level.


Making an impact in the Democracy space starts with fostering an open mind. Whether we’re crafting strategy or developing messaging, we create solutions with unique perspectives to give our client teams the best approach possible to capitalize on opportunities others miss. 

  • Team Integration.
  • Cross-partisan Messaging.
  • National & Local Media.
  • Issue Advocacy Campaigns.
  • Creative & Video Development.
  • Organic & Paid Digital Advocacy.
  • Crisis Simulation & Planning.
  • Rapid Response & Crisis Communications.
  • Coalition Mapping & Engagement.
  • Media & Public Speaking Training.
  • Litigation Communications.
  • Grassroots Mobilization.

Organizations making an impact with us.


We are experts in creating campaigns designed to strengthen our democracy as a whole. How? With our proven track record of bringing people together – top-tier media, elected officials, business leaders, advocates, and others – that delivers results with national impact. We do it all, from everyday press briefings and desksides to litigation communications, grassroots activation, and crisis scenario planning. One thing’s for certain, you can count on CLYDE to make a difference.


CLYDE united business leaders and election experts to inspire and mobilize the business community to take a more active role in defending our elections and supporting our democracy.

The event included a panel discussion with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, Ginny Badanes, Senior Director of Democracy Forward Initiative, SVP Mike Carney of the US Chamber Foundation, and Ben Hovland, US EAC Commissioner.

They discussed the role of business in democracy and the intersections of media, technology, and elections.

Our Approach

Our Collision Model
is designed to make
maximum impact.

At CLYDE, our unique understanding of human behavior, blended with our deep expertise in communications and media guides everything we do. We call this approach our Collision Model, a combination of message and meaning that helps clients hit home with their audience.

our leadership team

Matt House is a Group Strategic Lead and Managing Director.

In this role, he advises corporate, trade association, and advocacy organization clients on public affairs and communications strategy. After solving communications challenges for Democratic leadership over 10 years on Capitol Hill, Matt now seeks to help clients navigate the rapidly changing media landscape, harness advancements in AI, and understand human behavior.

Lilia Dashevsky is a Senior Vice
President of Public Affairs.

As a proud first-generation Jewish American, Lilia is deeply committed to protecting our democracy and safeguarding our elections through her work. She has successfully established the democracy and election sub-practice at CLYDE, and now she’s ready to push the department to its limits, driving impact with every effort. It’s no wonder she has been recognized as a Public Affairs Leader by PR News.

What’s next? Lilia plans to further bridge her love for communications and public affairs with her passion for politics, empowering her team to bring about real change.


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