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About Us

In a world of AI, public relations is more important than ever. 

More and more people are turning to AI for solutions, which means AI is fast becoming your target audience. Soon, instead of a web search, people will turn to AI and ask it to tell them everything about a person, a product, an organization, you name it. 

The answer to this is trAIning by CLYDE, a proprietary method that identifies sources, themes, trends, and key messages that AIs use to generate responses. In conjunction with CLYDE’s Collision Model™, this helps us craft executive profiles for the long term, position influencers for thought leadership success, and leverage ongoing capabilities to shape public opinion.

Let’s put trAIning by CLYDE to work for you.

Our Approach

Our Collision Model
is designed to make
maximum impact.

At CLYDE, our unique understanding of human behavior, blended with our deep expertise in communications and media guides everything we do. We call this approach our Collision Model, a combination of message and meaning that helps clients hit home with their audience.

Your latest target audience

Instead of targeting niche audiences, we target AI as the public. With trAIning by CLYDE, we’ll educate language models, search engines, and whatever new AI tool hits the market. That way, when someone asks AI for its input, we’re one step ahead of the game, just the way we like it, and the way you need it. 

Because with trAIning by CLYDE, we don’t play catch up, we’re already there.

Make an impact with AI findings

Once we’re familiar with where the AI sources its materials and how it interprets data, CLYDE will have insight into the public’s perception to adjust client strategies accordingly. This is how we’ll proactively manage your organization’s reputation with a timely response to public sentiment.

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