Protect Democracy

State by state, case by case.

In 2021, Protect Democracy, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization had an urgent mission to prevent the decline of American democracy into a more authoritarian form of government. 


Create high-profile communications strategies that sway public opinion in order to expose the authoritarian threat to our democracy and institutions through high-profile litigation, filed across the country and at the Supreme Court, the National Task Force on Election Crises, Protect Democracy reports and products, and joint campaigns with external partners.


Develop customized approaches to each project by integrating our team into Protect Democracy’s team. From there, as one force, building and executing upon campaign strategies, national and state-specific earned media, validator development and coaching, coalition management, message development and testing, op-ed placement, media trainings, deployment of paid digital campaigns, and much more. Through these tactics and more, we’re able to move the needle, reach key decision makers, and fight for democratic principles.  


Based on increased exposure and positive litigation the movement gained significant traction and in 2022, messaging became more targeted to persuadable segments of the electorate, including centrist and center-right Americans within the Beltway and across the country. We supported Protect Democracy’s efforts to educate and inform journalists about the dividing line between aggressive political behavior and concrete steps towards authoritarianism, helping shape the debate about the future of our democracy. 

Media Coverage

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