Disconnecting and Mental Health Over the Holidays.

Working from home for nine months—coupled with the stress of 2020—has contributed to widespread burnout and declining mental health. Between Zoom fatigue and the blurred lines between work and home life, people are struggling. The benefits of the holidays—typically an annual opportunity to disconnect and recharge—may be difficult to fully realize while living in your “office.” Here are some strategies to help you disconnect and focus on your mental health.  Reclaim Your Home By now, you have likely converted your home into the best possible work environment. But we have specific pressures and emotions tied to our workspaces—emotions that can prevent us from relaxing. To help grasp this necessary separation over the holidays, put away your workspace-associated items to cut down on reminders of work tasks. Set Boundaries If you do find yourself having to work over the holidays, set boundaries, and limit the number of hours you work.  Reflect 2020 has been full of change. Taking time to reflect—either alone or with your loved ones—can help make everything less overwhelming.  Make the Most of Your Time Even though this holiday season will be unlike any other, make it a priority to enjoy this time. Try not to focus on sacrificing favorite holiday activities and instead, brainstorm ways to adapt them for COVID-19. Sit down and remember what you are grateful for—it can be as broad as a family or something as specific as reconnecting with an old friend.


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