We've come a long way from casual Fridays. Nowadays, CEOs are rolling out big perks to keep employees happy: Think three-day weekends every week, tropical "workations," and bonus money that you can only use if you take a vacation. And it's not just cushy start-ups boasting plush amenities, but all sorts of companies — including PR firms, ad agencies, and even cosmetics and e-commerce businesses. These perks may sound extravagant, but they can pay off in the long run. The more that CEOs invest in their employees, the more likely they are to hold onto them for the long haul, which can lead to lower turnover and monies saved on recruiting and training costs. Ideally, these cushy benefits will deter people from wasting company time and prevent burnout.

Billion-Dollar Burnout

"About three-quarters of employees have engaged in some type of counterproductive work behaviors, and many others experience stress, exhaustion and even burnout," said Manuela Priesemuth, assistant professor management and operations at Villanova School of Business. "The costs for companies in lost productivity each year are in the billions." Research in the realm of organizational psychology and behavior has shown repeatedly that employees who feel valued and taken care of by the firm are more loyal and more productive in the end, Priesemuth told NBC News. "From a work psychology perspective and likely from a profit perspective, it might indeed make sense for companies to invest in some of these policies and attempt to create a better work life for employees," she said.