CNN Business: Looking to the future.

Yesterday, CNN announced that they have replaced CNN Money with a rebranded site, CNN Business, centered on the rise of innovation in the tech and finance industries. In addition to the ongoing business and tech news coverage, there will be two sections of content titled: “Perspectives” and “Success.” Perspectives will contain thought-leadership pieces from contributors who are well known within the industry like Melinda Gates, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. The Success section will look at entrepreneurship and career planning, including tips on how to surround yourself with a successful team.

To understand business in 2018, you have to recognize that every company is — in some way, shape or form — a tech company.

— Jason Farkas, GM of CNN Business and Rich Barbieri, Executive Editor of CNN Business

As one of the top news outlets in the world, CNN has effectively recognized the growing importance of technology in businesses and made the choice to embrace it and evolve instead of remaining stagnant.

Why It Matters

  • The way audiences interact with business news has evolved. The fusion of business insights, perspectives and news are coming together more and more.
  • Coverage of the technology space, especially as it relates to major American companies, has been integrated into every facet of the news — from business, to politics, to culture and everything in between.
  • While some see technology as a threat to the traditional media landscape, CNN has chosen to embrace the increasing interest and influence technology has on our lives.
  • CNN’s new venture is significant because it addresses how media outlets are now following business’ lead, expanding into more technology-specific fields and approaching the news differently.

Clyde Insights

If news outlets want to enhance their readership, meet audiences where they are and report on what’s actually happening in society, they have to continuously look towards the future when it comes to technology.

In public relations and communications, our job is to keep up with trends as they evolve and help our clients do the same. We must remain in-tune with the way information is exchanged and what audiences care about.

Whether information is coming to us from a news outlet like CNN or from a major brand publisher like Red Bull, technology will continue to shape how we engage with the vast amount of information circling around us.


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