Clyde Group Celebrates the “A” Team on National Boss’s Day.

We don’t actually use the term “boss” much at Clyde Group. So when we reflected on our leaders at Clyde Group on National Boss’s Day, we could only think instead of all the incredible roles they play in our success. We call our executive team leaders strategists, big thinkers, and, most importantly, role models. Alex Slater, Aubrey Quinn, and Anthony LaFauce— the “A" team —have built a company comprised of different perspectives from their unique backgrounds and work together to deliver unique results. They lead by example, lighting the way for a rapidly developing team to learn, make mistakes, and grow. This week, Clyde Groupies took a moment to share our thoughts on the lessons we’ve learned from our fearless leaders.    Aubrey has mastered the art of working hard and having fun and has taught me how to balance producing my best work with not taking myself too seriously.” - Nalisa Capers   “You often hear that ‘people don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.’ But you never hear the flip side of that wisdom—about the bosses who inspire you to charge through the toughest moments in your career and push you to overcome the obstacles that might otherwise stop you cold. Alex and Aubrey are that rare breed of leader who refuse to let you stop growing, even as they constantly recognize all that you manage to achieve.” - Chris Lundquist   “Aubrey has taught me that, as a woman, I can indeed command a room all on my own. I've witnessed Aubrey walk into meetings and calls, eloquently demand attention, and receive it from everyone in the room. She is a true testament of someone who is great at her job and has no problem conveying that confidence to others.” - Kayla Boykins   “Anthony has taught me that the best skills to have in your arsenal are the soft social skills that help develop relationships and build networks that can be leveraged down the road for personal and professional use.” - Aidan Curran   “Alex and Aubrey lead by example, having taught me to look at processes with a critical eye and ask the big questions to enact positive change in everything I touch. No task is too small to optimize and Alex and Aubrey have shown that the way to personal and professional success is to never settle for ‘enough’ and constantly strive to deliver greatness. Their relentless tenacity is inspiring, and I look to their leadership for guidance as I grow in my career.” - Serena Gleklen   “Aubrey has taught me the importance of making yourself indispensable. She is a prime example of someone whose skills and leadership we could not live without.” - Fiona Burke   “Aubrey and Alex always strive to look for a solution while making sure to support my work and my overall growth at the same time. I know how to prioritize and organize my work so that it is well-executed and ready for any client” - Josh Benjamin   “I am always learning something new while working with Anthony. From how to boost social posts and create a paid campaign, to monitoring social media and news sentiment, to facts about horses, he always keeps me on my toes.” - Emily Castellanos   “Aubrey leads by example. She is always willing to go the extra mile by jumping in to help the team, no matter how small the task. Despite her title, she is always willing to be in the trenches with the full team to teach and help challenge us along the way.” - Dowling King   “Alex has taught me so much since I started at Clyde Group. He reminds me to not sweat the small stuff and to focus on the big picture. He has such tangible passion for the work that he does, and he strives to change the world through the work he does on a daily basis—it’s really inspiring to be a part of his vision.” - Helene Perdu   “Aubrey has taught me that true leadership is having the courage to change the way things have always been done. Habits and traditions aren’t good enough if there are better options, and she has lead the charge to challenge the status quo.” - Connor McLean   "I’ve learned time management skills from Aubrey. With her packed schedule, she exemplifies using time wisely on assignments and working as effectively as possible. From Alex, I’ve learned how important it is to be a team player. From taking notes to helping a team member draft content, collaboration can go a long way in building trust within the team." - Keaton Campo   “Anthony truly embodies our People First value. Even though he's a Senior Vice President at an award-winning firm, he is always willing to help, offer solutions, and never considers the work more junior staff do as ‘below his paygrade.’ Anthony is a role model for someone like me, coming to PR from another industry, and makes me eager to shake up the industry just as he has.” - Sasha Galbreath    “Aubrey taught me the importance of being available to your client 24/7. They should feel like they are your only priority. If you get comfortable in a routine, it is time to spice up client relationships and make them feel like they're your new love.” - Gabrielle Dominique    “I've learned from the leadership team at Clyde Group that thinking big and taking risks often reap the biggest rewards. Throughout my time at Clyde Group, I've grown more comfortable with risk-taking and I attribute that to our fearless leaders and their trust in me.” - Nicole Gutierrez   We know that great work starts with smart people and a welcoming environment, and the executive team is pivotal in making these elements central to our firm. On National Boss’s Day, all of us at Clyde Group extended our sincere gratitude to our executive leaders Alex, Aubrey, and Anthony for creating and fostering a work environment we love. We know that we’re building something special alongside our visionary leadership team, and we’re looking forward to helping to shape the future of Clyde Group with their guidance. 


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