Beyond the Numbers: The Essence of IDEA at Clyde Group.

While 83% of employees say their organization values diversity in the workplace, just 1 in 10 feel that their employer demonstrates the importance of DE&I through action. Over the past few years, DE&I has been pushed to the forefront of business strategy, and intentions to advance the meaning of diversity beyond just representation, and toward inclusion, have proliferated. However, intentions without impact rarely make lasting, meaningful change. 

At Clyde Group our journey to be leaders in DE&I started in 2017 because we believe that true change requires us to hold ourselves accountable for the promises we make. That’s why we gauge the efficacy of our intentions by measuring our impact. Because when we focus on impact, we have a real opportunity to be inclusive to everyone and work toward our mission of creating and connecting to move the world forward. 

This is the essence of our Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability (IDEA) Group, which is more than just our commitment to DE&I. It’s a continuous investment in holding ourselves accountable for making a tangible impact — within our agency and in the work we do for our clients — along with a dedication to offering everyone a seat at the table. 

Our second annual IDEA Report continues to document the firm’s progress, achievements, and investments and compares year-over-year team member responses from our IDEA survey. It also reveals that we still have so much more to do.

For example, we’re improving how our supervisors empower diverse team members, how team members of different backgrounds interact with each other, and how we’re presenting ourselves externally. Yet we’re also paying close attention to areas that need more work, such as broader leadership involvement with the IDEA Group and increasing opportunities for employees of color. These lessons, both positive and developmental, are vital and are already guiding the focus of our planning and strategy for Clyde Group’s 2023+ growth plan.

The 2022 IDEA Report exists because of a willingness from everyone at our agency to be better. It is a product of our leadership remaining humble and giving decision-making power back to team members so that they can define the narrative of what inclusion looks like at our company.

We’re a growing group of people, looking to change ourselves for the better, and our determination to keep going even when we make mistakes embodies this report. It is our team members’ willingness to embrace their differences and still come together to educate, celebrate, and give power to one another. IDEA is a promise, both for today and the future, that reaffirms our agency as an enduring place of vulnerability, trust, mutual learning, and constant improvement. 

We invite you to explore our 2022 IDEA Report to see firsthand how the practices we have put in place are helping us prioritize transparency and holding ourselves accountable for driving change toward a more intentionally diverse future. 

Read the 2022 IDEA Report


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