It’s National Intern Day!.

Today is National Intern Day!  As part of our celebration for all who are working to shape the future of the PR field, we wanted to share the experiences of our current and former Fellows that have been a part of our Fellowship Program. Learn more about how their time at Clyde Group helped shape them as PR professionals and their favorite parts of being part of our team.   Our Fellowship Program gives you a chance to grow your skills as a PR professional.   Morgan Williams, current Fellow "I've had such a great time during my fellowship with Clyde Group. I've learned so much from everyone and I'm excited to keep growing as a professional. I enjoy all aspects of our industry, but especially love growing my media relations skills; whether that is writing a pitch or creating relationships with reporters and different outlets."  

Seiichiro Nakai, Account Coordinator (former Fellow) “The fellowship program at Clyde Group was an incredible experience where I got to learn from such a driven and knowledgeable group of teammates. The program allowed me to grow so much professionally, gaining valuable skills and experiences. I feel so fortunate to be able to continue working with the incredible team here at Clyde Group!”  

Catherine Kosse, former Fellow “My experience as a junior associate at Clyde Group was instrumental in laying the foundation for my career. My colleagues mentored me on navigating professional relationships, meeting tight deadlines, and ultimately how to provide strategic value to all clients. The lessons learned from Clyde Group continue to influence my current work consulting organizations on large-scale change management and communication campaigns. I am grateful that I had this amazing opportunity early in my career!”   In the process of building your career, you get to meet and work with kind, inspiring people.   Eilis Sullivan, current Fellow  “The entire Clyde Group team has been so welcoming and helpful, I truly couldn’t imagine a better place to begin my post-graduate career! I’ve gained invaluable skills, experiences, and mentors throughout my fellowship and feel so grateful to be surrounded by such a talented, kind group of individuals.”     Alexander Morris, former Fellow “I was fortunate to join a team of extremely hard-working professionals who created a culture of hard work, acceptance, and entrepreneurship from day one. As I work to grow my own business now in an entirely different industry, the lessons I learned about service, respect for all people, and the importance of maintaining a culture with positive work-life balance are still with me every day."

  Boot Bullwinkle, former Fellow “ I got to work with great people—from top to bottom, I developed close friendships with incredibly smart, caring, and hilarious people who I continue to stay in touch with today. I often say that Clyde Group was more important to my education and career than college itself—the sentiment remains true to this day.”     A Fellowship at Clyde Group is an opportunity to find your passion.   Veronica Yaron, current Fellow “As I prepare to graduate in a year, I couldn’t have asked for a better fellowship experience than Clyde Group. Being surrounded by the best people to work for and with has taught me so much in a short amount of time. PR is a big field, but I’ve developed a passion for the healthcare industry and the different kinds of creativity needed for it in my time here.”  

Gabrielle Dominique, Account Coordinator (former Fellow) The Clyde Group fellowship was my first job after graduating college. It launched me into the world of agency PR, along with innovative and strategic-minded industry veterans as my guides. I was able to collaborate with colleagues of different ranks, engage with clients and even contribute to a new business pitch. Best of all I was a member of a team that cared about my well-being and professional development.”

  Oliver Cowley, current Fellow “The fellowship experience has taught me more than I ever believed any internship/fellowship could.  Clyde Group has been fantastic in immersing me into the agency culture and has taught me the importance of organization and devotion to your work. Working with passionate people on the agency side -- and matching, if not exceeding the client’s energy is a game-changer and has allowed me to truly love what I do, and do it well.”     Our Fellowship Program is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to kickstart their PR career. From meaningful work to amazing colleagues, a fellowship at Clyde Group is a chance to grow in more ways than you could ever imagine. Find out more about our current opportunities.


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