2021 IDEA Report: Clyde Group’s Ongoing Commitment to DE&I.

It is our privilege to share Clyde Group's first-ever Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accountability (IDEA) report. 2021 was a year of major milestones for our firm—winning the SABRE Boutique Agency of the Year award, the launch of our healthcare practice, restructuring the firm and introducing new titles, reaching 50 team members—but none hold the same weight as the inaugural Clyde Group IDEA report. 

We aren’t perfect, and we hope this report emphasizes that we don’t claim to be. There are real historical transgressions in our country demanding to be addressed; there are real systemic injustices that require us to be present, vigilant, and intentional in our decisions and behaviors. 

True change requires us to hold ourselves accountable on the promises we make. This report is part of our journey to fulfilling our mission of creating and connecting to move the world forward by being intentionally diverse. 

In our future IDEA reports, we look forward to finding out what the next iteration of Clyde Group looks like, what incredible achievements we’ll be celebrating, and how we, together, have helped change the world for the better. We’re incredibly excited about the journey we’re on and so grateful to be on it with you.

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